Author Topic: Multi wire 80 meter dipole plots  (Read 11963 times)


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Multi wire 80 meter dipole plots
« on: August 15, 2013, 02:04:25 PM »
My friend ran some data on an 80 meter dipole.  The idea is NOT to cover the entire 75 and 80 meter band. The idea here is to cover EITHER,80 meters OR 75 meters with no tuner.

This would be a coax fed antenna, at 45 ft high in an inverted V setup.   I will try adding one more wire to my existing 80 meter dipole when the weather cools down. Its 110F outside currently.  In the real world my 80 meter single wire dipole with DX engineering balun has 200KHZ under 2 to 1.  More than the plot shows for a single wire dipole.  I suspect that with one extra wire attached using Ladder snaps will likely get me the entire 75 meter band under 1.5. 

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